2018 Plan Election Changes

Health Benefit Updates


Outside of the Annual Election period, changes to elections or enrollments can be made due to a "qualifying life event" (QLE), including marriage, divorce, birth/adoption, death of a spouse/dependent, or loss of a spouse’s or eligible dependent’s health coverage. is due on or before November 17th. You will complete the HealthFlex and OneExchange Enrollment/Change Forms to add/drop dependents or enroll/terminate during a qualifying life event.  You will have 30 days to submit your request to the Benefits area of the Conference. 

A Health Plan Presentation is available for you to review information regarding the 2018 plan highlights.  

  • New Updates to Services for 2018 - Starts January 1st
  • Participant's nearing Medicare Eligibility (Age 65+)  - Consideration for HDHP Plans (learn more)



Please note: The IRS increased the 2018 limit for health care flexible spending account (FSA) contributions on October 25. HealthFlex has quickly partnered with our vendors to allow HealthFlex participants to take advantage of the higher 2018 limit—$2,600 per year.

Earlier Annual Election communications do not reflect the new maximum, though ongoing communications will be updated over the next several weeks. However, there is a note on Businessolver’s health care FSA election page informing participants of the new maximum.

There are no changes to any other limits, including the minimum FSA contribution ($300), the maximum dependent care FSA contribution ($5,000) or the Health Savings Account (HSA) limits ($3,400 individual; $6,750 family).


 Updates to Your HealthFlex Benefits—

Starting January 1, 2018

New MDLIVE* telemedicine services—Talk with a consulting physician 24/7, either through videoconferencing or by phone, when you can’t get to your own provider but need a professional medical opinion and treatment or prescription quickly. Great for non-emergent acute conditions like cold/flu, skin concerns, sore throats and more.

Obtain maintenance medications through Walgreens or Home Delivery. For your convenience, you may fill 90-day maintenance prescriptions at a local Walgreens pharmacy or through the OptumRx Home Delivery (mail-order) service. Participant cost share and cost to HealthFlex will be the same under either option.

Behavioral health benefits changes. Behavioral health benefits will have the same in-network and out-of-network co-payments and/or deductible and co-insurance as your medical plan benefits. However, behavioral health outpatient office visits with an out-of-network provider will be covered at in-network levels up to a “reasonable and customary” amount. (See benefits booklets for details.)

OptumRx Formulary Changes—Some Medications Not Covered. Certain medications with no clear clinical advantage will no longer be covered if a comparable alternative is available, as part of the HealthFlex and OptumRx commitment to keeping costs lower. OptumRx will contact impacted participants directly beginning in November about medications no longer covered.

Nurseline* through your medical carrier. When you aren’t sure if you need to contact a physician, you can call the nurseline number on your 2018 medical ID card 24/7 with questions about symptoms, an injury or general health questions.

Virgin Pulse rewards changes. Watch for upcoming communications on Virgin Pulse’s streamlined approach to earning incentives in 2018. *MDLIVE telemedicine and nurseline services do not replace the expertise of your personal physician or other primary care provider (PCP). Consult your PCP for more comprehensive diagnostics and guidance.